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7 CLIMBS – 36,787m

365 consecutive days

Inspired by both the Bass and Messner lists, 7 Summiting gives you the unique opportunity to complete this mammoth challenge using your bicycle and the terrain nearby or far away…

The Seven Summits are the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Climbing to the summit of all of them is regarded as a mountaineering challenge, first achieved on 30 April 1985 by Richard Bass. The Seven Summits achievement has become a noted exploration and mountaineering accomplishment.









Puncak Jaya






The “Brevet” … I’m hoping I’ve called this by the correct name… If I didn’t, well then, from this point forward, this piece of card that will get posted (good old fashioned mail) to you if you take up this challenge will be forever deemed a “Brevet” (if you google Brevet and Audax you’ll understand) if you’re a cyclist you should KNOW!

If you take up this 7S challenge, you pay us R200 (Outside SA = USD35, GBP27, AUD50, EURO31), this will pay for postage of the Brevet to you PLUS your first climb. This Brevet is something tangible in this digital age. Yes, of course, we expect these Summits to appear on Strava BUT you’ll want this to record it too.

It’s special – like a four-leaf clover!!!

THE PRIZE! This is what you’d be riding for…

Now, this thing isn’t for free. Apart from the potential blood sweat and tears you may be already departing with during this challenge. You will at the end have THIS posted back to you with your completed Brevet. This will cost you R200 (USD13.50, GBP11, AUD20, EURO12) per climb.

Pay as you go, or paid-up in full at the end. COMPLETELY OPTIONAL but we reckon you’ll want SOMETHING for your efforts.

  • This challenge starts the day you commence your first climb and ends after a consecutive 365 day period
    (12 months/1 year).
  • You need to find a hill new to you, or a known climb and ride your bicycle up and down that hill repeatedly until you have reached the desired ascending meters of each climb stipulated.
  • Never the same climb twice. As all these mountains peaks are in different places, so too should your attempts be, BUT you don’t have to do them on different continents. You can do them in your neighbourhood.
  • Summiting each “peak” must be completed in one ride. No matter how long it takes, you may not stop and restart your session (pausing is totally acceptable). Multiple sessions will be allowed to be pieced together as long as it can be proved it was intended to be a single elapsed time.
  • One attempt of the 7 must be on a tar free surface… a dirt road, a trail, or a track. On any bike. Your choice – BE SAFE.
  • This challenge is to be completed on a traditional pedal and crank bicycle (no motorised vehicles/no ebikes)
  • Bragging rights for completions in consecutive months will most certainly be granted.
  • You can attempt these climbs in any order you see fit. You could even do two in the same day. As many as you like consecutively in fact.
  • Use Strava to record sessions digitally using #7summiting “Name of Climb” as on the inside of the Brevet eg. Kosciuszko, to name your session.
  • Use the Brevet to record them manually for authenticity.
  • Get each completed attempt signed by someone living in the proximity of the climb.
  • On completion, courier your personally numbered Brevet back to the address supplied to receive what you have paid for.
  • You are heavily encouraged (it’s almost an unwritten rule) to create awareness and financial or any other support for a charity of your choosing.
  • If you fail to finish all the required climbs in 365 days, you can roll the financial part of this challenge over but it is essential that you complete all your climbs within a consecutive 365 day period.

Join us to hear the sounds of Griffins and Pegasus wings.

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